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Trinity In the Stars


     A Science Fiction Romance Drama

Orion Ashvalor came out of a cryogenic sleep to find he'd been frozen and lost in space for more than five years. Having lost his family to the Lunar Central bombing when he was 27, he only had two people he could turn to, his military career Godfather and his wife... Now most likely his ex wife. A fear that's confirmed when his Godfather informs him Naphalie has moved on and is, in fact, about to get remarried. 

Excalibur Brighten lost his wife and the mother of his child to an engineering accident. There is very little he wouldn't give to have her back. Even now, completely in love with Naphalie. So, there's no way he can bring himself to resent the fact Orion's back in her life. But a choice needs to be made and the longer that choice is put off the harder and more muddled it seems to become. 


Meanwhile, there's a growing threat of a terrorist attack. Allegedly, by a radical group protesting a company's slave labor. That just might need them to put all their issues on the back burner for a while. 


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Blue Fire

     A New Adult Dystopian Thriller 


Clair Sapphire’s life is about to change. After the death of her grandmother and disownment by her aunt, she can no longer afford the tax required to live within the Shield City. Lost and unsure of how to go on, she meets a strange group of people who transport goods all over the world. With their help she embarks on a journey to locate her estranged mother and find her own path. A path she will come to discover had been laid out even before her own birth.


Blaze Zarron just went through the worst day of his life. Too bad he can’t remember it. Can’t remember much of anything for the past few years really. But he can conclude how bad it must have been when his sister and her friends reluctantly inform him it involved the death of his mother. And he can’t seem to shake the feeling he’s forgotten something important. That feeling only increases the day Clair Sapphire joins their ragtag group of misfits. As his memories begin to claw their way back into his mind, he comes to the realization that, if they don’t do something to stop it, the worst day might actually be the end of every living thing on Earth!

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Best Man

     A Gay Science Fiction Romance Thriller

Zuko No, formerly Kusanagi, has a plan. If he’s going to subject himself to the family that shattered his psyche and forced him to find solace at the bottom of a bottle and the edge of a blade, then he’s going to get something out of it. That something being his older brother Zion away from their toxicity. If only he could find some way to convince Zion to throw it all away. To leave the family, abandon his place as heir, and forge his own life on Cerulean Station. Then he meets August Larkin-Knightly, and the answer is handed to him on a silver platter. But it’s not going to be easy.
August Larkin-Knightly was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. The youngest son of one of the richest families in the world. Unfortunately for August, he’s quite allergic to that gold. Has spent his entire childhood developing a preference for the true and real behind the façade, growing up next to his best friend and the son of his family's head maid. Then said best friend goes missing, and August is on the warpath. He has his suspicions, he's heard the rumors, and he's seen plenty of evidence. Now, he just has to prove it.

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