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Life in the Syndicate
the alien races of the Syndicate and their Romance stories 


Short Stories

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6,222 Words

As he trudges through the normal morning crawl of traffic Roy Stevens begins to feel weird. He’s sweating with the air on high. His normal endless well of patience has dried up. Every little thing clawing at his nerves. And, as he stops for coffee, the worst cramps he’s ever felt begin to wreck his body.
But then he saw it.
Rolexan is being recalled! The medicine he’s used since puberty to insure he’s never had to go through the horror of a heat cycle. Living a life of secrecy where none of his alpha coworkers ever need know he’s not one of them. But, as his heat breaks into full bloom in the parking lot of the auto shop he works at, it looks like the gig is up. Luckily his best friend and the alpha he’s been pining after for over five years comes to his rescue.
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1. Catch Cover.jpg

19,128 Words

Warden Drake’s life has been taking hit after hit. Starting with the botched case that resulted in his forced transfer to the Twilight. And ending with his sister and brother-in-law lost at sea and presumed dead during hurricane Malachite. Leaving Warden floundering to gain custody of his niece. Then his boyfriend, make that ex-boyfriend, Nick got him evicted. Screwing his chances at a quick and easy adoption. Not long after their breakup Warden finds his luck finally turning around in the weirdest, most pleasurable encounter with a stranger he’s ever had. 

Mika Shepherd has suffered his share of bad relationships. The last ending with his ex, Colt, ghosting him after transferring to a new company far away. Not even bothering to tell him goodbye. So, deep down he’s not actually surprised when the new guy he’s been talking to, the one he’s completely gone on, turns out to be a catfish set up by the guys ex in revenge. 

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Come Together

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Alpha Male

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Alpha Omega 

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