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Dana Alucard was born in the land of a lush river valley hidden in the hills. She was stolen away from her parents at the young age of three, by her maternal grandmother. Saved from a childhood trauma of an early life under a roof of drugs and marital drama. Her mother followed her path soon after, fleeing her own problems and severing her marriage. Alucard only saw her father once more before his death in her twenties. Not long after her sixth birthday she became an older sister to a younger brother. Two years later to another brother.

            She returned to her mother’s care at the age of eight, when the family moved out into the countryside. Where they would remain until just before Alucard started high school. She was placed in a private catholic school by her grandmother at the beginning of fifth grade and continued attending private schools until the end of her freshman year in college.

            After graduating from the small, private, college prep school in her hometown, she moved to a huge city on the coast where she attended a special summer program for those not quite qualifying for acceptance. Having Succeeded at the program and gained entrance to the school, unfortunately Alucard was expelled at the end of freshman year.

            It was at this time that she took up the mantel of one day becoming an author. Though, it would still be many years before she’d come to see writing as a valid career path. After moving home with dashed hopes and unsure of how to proceed or what to

            pursue, she was persuaded into beauty school by her grandmother.

            At the age of twenty-one she graduated with the knowledge and license to do hair. However, after just three months in the salon, Alucard quickly realized though she loved coloring, cutting, and styling hair, the drama of the salon and impossibility of pleasing customers made the job quite unbearable.

            Alucard returned to college. But, without a set major or a focus to follow, still believing writing only a hobby and not a means to support one’s self, she concluded it better for her to attend a small community college near her hometown. After two years and higher grades achieved than she’d ever thought herself capable of, she transferred to a large university in the north.

            Unfortunately Alucard’s path to graduation would be lengthened by the untimely death of her beloved grandmother and the removal of all her college funding by her aunt. She would again return home feeling lost and unsure of how to go on. Not returning to school until after receiving a small inheritance. It would be at this time that Alucard would finally come to the conclusion that writing was her true calling in life. Having changed her major and gained new classes, she met one of her best friends. A person also on the path of becoming an established author. Alucard graduated with a minor in psychology and a bachelor of arts degree in creative writing at the age of thirty.

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