My Fandom Path

Updated: Feb 1

All my favorite books, shows, comics, anime, and manga!


  • I’m not sure exactly when my fangirling started, but I know I got into Dragon Ball Z around the time I was 9 or 10, and it lasted up to freshmen year of high school.

Dragon Ball Z

Pro: I would say the best parts of DBZ are the characters and the humor. If you don't take it too seriously you'll have a great time.

Con: And the worst parts would be the plot, bad world building, and never ending power ups.

  • In that time period I also got super into other Animes like Inuyasha, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop, as well as many I hardly remember like Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, and Outlaw Star.


Pro: The best part of Inuyasha is the characters backstories and the mystery and intrigue sounding said back stories.

Con: The worst part is the lack of sense, reason, or motivation for Kagomi to even be in the past looking for the shards in the first place.

  • Then, as my Dragon Ball Z obsession faded I got hooked on X-Men: Evolution, X-Men Comics, and Naruto.

X-Men: Evolution

Pro: The best part of X-Men: Evolution is all of the different ways the many characters fit and work together as well as how they relate to each other.

Con: The worst part, at least in my opinion, is how shallow all of the romantic relationships felt.

X-Men Uncanny

Pro: The best part of X-Men Uncanny and the comic in general is the many, many different characters and how they fit together over multiple story lines and even universes.

Con: And I'd say the con is also the many different characters, story lines, and universes. As well as the many different directions different authors can take a character in over the course of the multiple story lines.


Pro: The absolute best part of Naruto is the characters. Every single one of the characters is extremely well developed with lots of back story and multiple layers.

Con: The worst part of Naruto is the few plot holes, mainly in the back stories of a few characters. Especially in contrast with the level of development and worldbuilding.

  • Then throughout high school and freshmen year of college I was mainly into CSI Las Vegas, CSI New York, and NCIS. As well as Bleach and Wolf’s Rain at some point.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Pro: The best part of CSI is the characters and their development over the course of the show. Even some of the side characters have well developed character arcs.

Con: In my opinion, the wort parts of the show are the lack of both continuity and screen time outside the job.


Pro: The best part of NCIS is the continued story lines and development of the characters throughout the show.

Con: The worst part, at least in my opinion, is the lack of natural development or chemistry between any of the romantic parings.


Pro: The best part of CSI: NY was the back stories of all of the characters and how they played into who they were as people.

Con: The ending. It just wasn't satisficing and didn't even feel like an ending at all. Especially since it didn't leave any of the characters in a better place or even a different place then when they'd started. (Except maybe Danny and Lindsey)


Pro: The art! I'm sorry but the best part of Bleach is the creator's number one talent. And that is his art style.

Con: The regurgitated plot line for every single season/story arc. As well as the continuation of the series after what would have been a perfectly satisfying ending.

  • Finally I fell into an obsession with Harry Potter during senior year of high school, don’t know why it took me so long to pick it up. Followed by Degrassi and Archer.

Harry Potter

Pro: The worldbuilding sounding Hogwarts, the houses, and Quiditch. Also, the characters and the consistency of their personalities throughout the series.

Con: The worldbuilding outside of Hogwarts and the lack of sense or development put into how the wizarding world works after school. As well as JK Rolling's very poor attempt at representation.


Pro: The very real and authentic way in which the many different relationships and life styles of the teenage characters were depicted.

Con: Just my opinion, but the fact the show continued on with completely different characters.

  • Then at one point, also way late to the game, I got into Twilight. Around the same time I began watching The Big Bang Theory in the evening when I had nothing else to do.


Pro: I liked the wolf pack and the Native American shifters. Also the dynamic between Edward and Bella is very interesting.

Con: Though, many would say that dynamic is at times toxic and creepy. And the little bit of personality Bella actually had was annoying as hell. Also, the thing with characters imprinting on children is just wired.

  • In my final year of college I got super into The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m not sure why I never pick up Fullmetal Alchemist before, especially considering my anime obsession in high school.

The Walking Dead

Pro: The character personalities and the consistency of those personalities throughout the entire show.

Con: The absolute lack of any real depth to the development, back story, or relationships for any of the characters. Or any real since to their actions throughout the entire show.


Pro: The chemistry and relationships between all of the different characters and how it ties into the story lines.

Con: The lack of sense in some of the story lines. The toxic masculinity and abusive way in which the characters interact at times. The fact every single main and secondary character, except two, have died and come back to life.