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Fanfiction Recommendations - My Hero Academia: Bakugou/ Midoriya/ Todoroki & Dabi/Hawks


Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku x Todoroki Shouto

  1. Love Him The Most by ididntneedanewfandom (prettyvk)

  2. All the lonely nights in your Life by midnightyearning

  3. Life Lessons on How to Love Your Rival by LemonMeringueSunshine

  4. Easy does It by unreemarkable

  5. Holding Hands by Nebulosae

  6. Thinking Too Hard by Bakubro24601

  7. Rebirth by SoraMoto

  8. Keep This in Mind by ShortAngryTwinks

  9. Marks on My Heart by Dark3Star

  10. For Them by Noodlez4suppa

  11. Practice Makes Perfect by theothersam

  12. Lesson in Obedience by potatoappeal

  13. Chapstick, Chapped Lips And Things Like Chemistry by Dreamweaving

  14. Perfect Equation by Ellessey

  15. Jack of All Hearts by TheBlackSwallow

  16. Of Respite and Odyssey, Balm and Halcyon, Rapture and Godot, Lear and Pierrot by JayJEx

  17. Of Silk and Scars, Pride and Poison, Bildungsroman and Commedia, Harlequin and Cordelia by JayJEx


Dabi: Todoroki Touya x Hawks: Takami Keigo

  1. Tomorrow by TheEclecticEccentric

  2. Perspective by TheEclecticEccentric

  3. Lost Boys by TheEclecticEccentric

  4. Licensed Villains by Deatmat

  5. Nestling by onesadegg

  6. We'll be Okay by humdrum_hummingbird

  7. As if death itself was Undone by LaughsAtThunder

  8. Widowmaker by Anubis_2701

  9. Darling, thank god it’s this universe we’re In (and you can annoy me as much as you please) by juurensha

  10. Destined by Kat_the_Pirate_Queen

  11. Winter Flower by umathe

  12. Decision Height by blueskiddoo

  13. One more Time (and maybe you’ll get it right this time) by juurensha

  14. Center of Balance by Haslenoot

  15. Even If It Burns by amidststars

  16. The Rehabilitation of Touya Todoroki by Werewolfnightwalker

  17. There and Back Again - A Villain's Tale by Todoroki Touya by RavenHawk

  18. You hold my hand, and I forget to fake it by SummerBummin

  19. Area cryptid upset no one bothered to inform him of his tragic Backstory by crimsonseekers

  20. The Ties That Bind (Cut Me Free) by RavenHawk

  21. Learn to Fly by EloFromMars

  22. Twist my Perspective by Stormysilverfox

  23. War of the Foxes by BryttaniDaffodil

  24. Made A Matchmaker Out Of Sheer Frustration by Stormysilverfox

  25. A brand-new World by youareoldfatherwilliam

  26. 'til the sirens Sound by youareoldfatherwilliam

  27. Billionaire Wedding by frankiesin

  28. Endeavor ships DabiHawks by PTchan