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Claimed by D. J. Heart


What do you do when something you’ve believed and anticipated your entire life turns out to be an aspect of reality that's, not only untrue, but, a horrible part of life that shouldn’t ever be desired or supported?

And something you always thought was wrong is shown to be what you actually desire?

Claimed by D.J. Hart is a Alpha/Beta/Omega military style romance between two male Alphas, Chad Brand and Peter Tank.

Chad just left the Army for a private contractor job with Tank Security, only to have his new boss hit on him at a club before he even starts working.

Chad is quick to reject him, running away with his tail between his legs. He doesn’t understand why another Alpha would be interested in him or why the encounter makes him so hot and bothered.

And Peter Tank, the head of Tank Security, has just landed himself in a mess of a situation. The hot young Alpha he just hit on is one of the new recruits and he just received his performance review.

Chad is not a fit for Tank Security at all.

But now he has no choice but to keep him on as terminating his contract would look like retaliation for the rejection. Of course, that rejection doesn’t last long.

This is one of the most well written Alpha/Beta/Omega stories that I’ve read so far. The basic story structure was well-crafted, the grammar and sentence structure was mostly unblemished by errors, and the author voice and show to tell ratio was spot on.

However, I wouldn’t say the story or the characters are all that great.

If you’re looking for a simple gay romance story line with a bit of BDSM and happen to like A/B/O then this is definitely a story to check out.

But the characters are kind of lacking in goals or character arcs. They hardly change at all throughout the story. And there really isn’t much story to the book either.

It also includes one of my biggest annoyances with Alpha/Beta/Omega books, the fact that there are Omegas kept as sex slaves.

Now of course the author has Peter denounce this, saying it’s disgusting. And I don’t actually have a problem with a story depicting slavery or even sex slavery.

My problem is that it didn’t have anything to do with the story whatsoever.

If you’re writing a book about freeing a slave or about stopping the slave trade altogether, then the depictions are necessary. But, I felt the inclusion of slavery in this book was done entirely for shock value.

So… Just be aware that there are aspects of this book that might require some trigger warnings.

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