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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare


What do you do when your entire world is turned upside down?

When the only person who can give you any real answers is in a magically induced coma?

When your newly discover father is a psychopath bent on destroying half the Shadow World’s population as well as anyone who gets in his way?

And the boy you’ve started to fall in love with turns out to be your brother!

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare is a young adult fantasy romance adventure about a young girl, Clary Fray/Fairchild, and her interdiction into the Shadow Realm. As well as the discovery that she has a very unique and powerful gift.

The story begins with Jace, understandably upset with the revile of the girl he’s falling for being his sister, acting out, and getting locked up in the Silent City.

The Inquisitor, Imogen Herondale is suspicious of Jace, believing he will side with his father and needs to be kept under watch. Especially after Valentine breaks into the Silent City and takes the Soul Sword. The very sword they were going to use to force Jace to tell the truth.

Later, after the Inquisitor has agreed to let Magnus keep Jace under his watch, they come to the discovery that Clary can create runes.

And even more horrifying, that Valentine is trying to change the makeup of the Soul Sword from angelic to demonic in order to be able to command an army of demons.

Hopefully, I didn’t give away too much in the summary.

It’s just a little hard considering this is probably my favorite book in the series and I just want to rave about everything that happens.

Though I won’t lie, it does take a while to get going. And I felt the very beginning scene was not only completely unnecessary but rather badly written.

But if you stick it out it will soon pick up the pace and keep it for the rest of the book.

It’s also packed full of character development and worldbuilding. Not only is Clary learning about being a Shadowhunter, but Simon also goes through a big change he’ll have to learn to live with. And in the background of all the chaos, you have Alec struggling with his sexuality and self-acceptance.

And, more importantly, unlike the first book, this book gears up to a very climactic and satisfying ending.

I one hundred percent recommend The City of Ashes!

Though, do be aware that the pinning between Jace and Clary will continue. And there were a few instances between Clary and Simon I felt were a little on the questionable side and wish had been written differently.



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