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25 Contemporary Romance Prompts


1. Your main character goes home for their five-year reunion, only to come face to face with their high school bully. But they’ve changed and they become friends.

2. Two work partners have been in love with each other for years, but the time to confess has never been right. They’re scared the other doesn’t feel the same way. And now they can’t bring themselves to risk their friendship or their careers.

3. A reporter gets the ultimate clearance to travel around a war zone with a team of Navy Seals. The reporter and the commander of the team have a bad introduction and form negative opinions of each other.

4. A politician starts getting death threats and is advised to increase their personal security. They hire a bodyguard who turns out to be someone, based on their bigoted opinions, they believe can’t possibly be adequate for the job.

5. On the way to a small town in northern Alaska, the plane starts having engine problems and goes down in the middle of the wilderness. Now two people find themselves having to rely on each other if they want to survive long enough to be rescued.

6. A well-known interior designer finds out their spouse, they have a house-flipping show with, is cheating on them and gets a devoice. But, now they need a new partner for the show. The production company decides to turn the show into a dating companion for a season to find the right candidate.

7. An extremely rich retired CEO of an international company is disappointed to find that all of their power and money haven’t brought them satisfaction or peace. Their friends put them onto the idea of adoption. While looking into it they meet a set of siblings, who seem to connect with them almost instantly. But one of their parents is still trying to get them back and will do anything to be in their lives.

8. The main character has spent the last six months perfecting every detail of their cosplay. For the biggest convention of the year that they’re finally able to attend for the first time. At the convention, they meet someone dressed up, with just as much detail and care put into their costume, as the character they ship their cosplay character with. The two make an instant connection and spend the entire time together.

9. The main character has suffered years of abuse that they have finally escaped. Now they are desperately looking for something to help them with their mental state left over from the experience. They stumble upon a private support group and slowly build a strong connection and friendship with one of the other attendees.

10. A famous athlete has lived the past fifteen years in the closet due to the extreme religious views and homophobia of most of their family. But on their 30th birthday, they meet someone who’s going to push all of their preconceived boundaries. Someone their supportive siblings aren’t going to let them escape from.

11. A divorcee is forced to move to the other side of the country because their ex is getting remarried and is taking their kids to live with their new spouse. Now they’re in a new city where they have no one, everything is extremely expansive, and they’re beardly getting by. In a crazy attempt to make ends meet they meet someone new.

12. Two firefighters who’ve worked together for years end up with horrific injuries after a building collapse. In the process of recovery, hidden feelings start to be revealed.

13. A college student has a large group of friends who hate all of their twin sibling’s friends. But something happens to make them see their sibling’s best friend in a new light. Now if they have any hope of making a relationship work they have to find a way to get their friends to get along.

14. A lonely billionaire with no family is desperate to find love, but can’t seem to make even the smallest of connections with anyone they meet online. So they decide to throw a singles retreat at their private estate.

15. Two rival lawyers are forced to work together when they are hired for a joint project. And slowly their preconceived opinions of each other start to change.

16. A homeless person’s luck turns around when their photography prints begin to take off. At the opening of their new art gallery, they discover one of their prized pieces has been swapped for a fake. Something that happens several more times. Now they’re determined to catch the culprit. Only to discover the person has a backstory similar to their own.

17. Two people who live on opposite sides of the country, but have known each other through video games and a computer screen for most of their childhood, decide to move in together for college.

18. A super fan of an author, and an aspiring writer themselves, gets the chance to meet their idol when they discover they’re renting the place next to theirs for the summer. Only to find out the person didn’t even write the books. Their younger sibling, who is also staying there, did.

19. Two childhood best friends meet again after years of drifting apart. They discover they’ve both suffered bad divorces and are now raising their kids alone. And their two families seem to fit together almost perfectly. Almost being the keyword.

20. A rich CEO, who was orphaned at a young age and went through the system themselves, is determined to help their old orphanage and its standoffish new owner.

21. A famous musician, who let fame go to their head and ruin their relationship, gets a second chance when they meet ‘the one that got away’ years later. Now they determined to win them back.

22. The main character moves to a country on the other side of the world with much different culture and way of life than their own. Now they have to learn to adjust to their new environment.

23. A famous athlete is cast in the lead role of an upcoming movie only to find out their ex has been cast as the love interest. In working together the two reignite their feelings.

24. An illegal immanent gets tied up in gang activity when a wanted gun smuggler saves them from being discovered and deported. Now they have to work for them to pay off the debt.

25. Two rival chiefs have to work together when they find out a big shot real estate tycoon is trying to buy all of the beachfront rentals where their restaurants are located.

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