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25 Apocalyptic Story Prompts


1. After the world is invaded by aliens who wish to exterminate the human race and claim the Earth as their own, the government creates super soldiers to fight them.

2. In a world were diseases have mutated into deadly plagues people are injected with animal DNA in the womb to insure they are immune form the viruses, but no one was prepared for some of the side effects.

3. A new age has begun. The entire world is covered in ice and snow! The electrical grids have shut down. The majority of the world’s vegetation has died. The animal and the remaining plant life have begun to change in horrifying ways. Humans must learn to adapt and survive.

4. After a worldwide pandemic that killed billions of people strange unexplainable things start to happen. Magical things.

5. The people of a survivor colony in the mountains are shocked when the outside world makes contact with them, bringing the news that society has recovered from the apocalypse.

6. A spell is cast by a Demon worshiping cult, led by a powerful Demon, that causes all of the Angels to fall and the gates of hell to open. Now the war between light and darkness has come to earth and the only hope lies in the children of Demons and Angels working together.

7. A weird alien virus has taken effect in humans. Which causes the strange symptom of explosive rage towards any other human the individual comes into contact with. The only ones immune to the symptom are those related by blood. After the virus spreads and many die or suffer brutal injuries the government comes to the conclusion that if the human race is to survive then they must resort to solitary life styles and only communicate through computer screens and phones.

8. Years ago the Earth was a horrible place to live, destroyed by pollution and disease. The top percentile of the wealthy left, moving into space stations. Now, the Earth has rejuvenated and they’ve come back to reclaim it. But those left behind who’ve grown to learn about the Earth and care for it will not let that happen.

9. Mother nature is angary. Natural disasters start to happen in places that were never prepared for them. Tornados on the East coast. Flooding in the Midwest. Forest fires in the North. And all the while the ice caps melt and the coast line begins to rise along with much worse hurricanes and monsoons. And in the winter, artic temperatures envelop most of the Earth.

10. Sea levels rose much farther than anyone could have ever predicted. Now everyone must live on ships. Must adapt to a diet of fish, frit, and vegetables. And learn to either fight against the growing number of pirates or join them.

11. The Earth is dyeing. The Sun is dimming. The remaining humans must board a ship to a new planet with no guarantee they’ll survive or that the planet they’re headed for is even livable. As the new generation born on the ship grow up they begin to experience weird and unexplainable abilities.

12. In the middle of a zombie apocalypse Hawaii succeeds in eradicating those with the virus and becomes a safe haven for saviors. Now the people must adapt to the new world.

13. Do to extreme pollution the majority of the water on Earth has become unusable and the rain so toxic it will melt skin and burn out eyes. People must adapt to this new horrible reality.

14. It was known as the reckoning. The year everyone stopped ageing. The year society realize women could no longer conceive. The year death stopped coming. Religion and order fell as everyone began to believe they were the forsaken, the left behind.

15. In a water-covered world, resources are limited. As a form of population control, there’s a Death Lottery. With a ranking based on community usefulness and infractions committed, a random person from the lowest-ranked citizens is selected to be killed. But instead of being eaten or drowning when they’re thrown overboard they become a mermaid.

16. As the survivors of a zombie apocalypse continue on and recreate a semblance of society they begin to evolve and change in strange and kind of horrifying ways.

17. As plagues begin to ravish the world and populations are cut in half it becomes aperient that not everyone is human, as only humans are effected by the diseases. And suddenly the supernatural world stops hiding.

18. Do to global warming and climate change the Earth has become split between mostly desert and frozen waist land, with a few oases here and there. Food and drinkable water are scarce and humans struggle to survive.

19. All major cities in the world have build walls and dome like structures around them to protect them form pollution. But, space is limited. Children must have proven their worth in regards to a profession by the time they are 15 or they will be cast out.

20. The main character lives in a small town in the country. One day the electricity cuts off and the cable, internet, and phone services go down. Soon food and supplies are running out. No one knows what’s happened and there’s not enough gas to leave.

21. The fight between good and evil, between light and darkness has come to Earth and each side is making their claim on every human soul. Not every friend, family members, or even lovers end up on the same side.

22. A anarchist group seizes power in the United States by hacking all of the banks, the stock market, and the electrical grid. They then redistribute all of the wealth evenly. Main character was a billionaire before the takeover.

23. A dumb cult messing around with magic they don’t understand and hardly believe in accidentally casts a spell that raises the dead. Or at least raises the ghosts of the dead. Now everyone has to work toward helping these sprits find peace and move on or rise etiolation. Because they can’t be touched but they can touch you.

24. To survive a horrible plague that ravished most of the world scientists came up with a procedure that converted humans into cyborgs. Now that the majority of people are unable to reproduce they must come up with a new way to create offspring.

25. For over a millennium there’s been a war going on in the shadows. A war between Vampires and Werewolves. Now, the wolves are beginning to win as they’ve succeeded in infecting most of the world’s population with the Lycian virus.

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